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Dear Parents:

Dear Parents:
As a result of the cuts to funding for the education sector of the province, we as a school have made the following changes to how we are doing some of our business:

1. In order to cut costs on our phone bill, we have decided to reduce the number of lines coming into the school. We now only have one phone line coming in. We apologize if you can’t get through on the first try. You can either phone back later or leave a message. Mrs. Hailes’ voicemail extension is 202. As she is here all day the message will be retrieved in a timely manner. If you are trying to contact the school at 8:45 A.M. no one will answer the phone as we are playing O’Canada at that time. A reminder that we will not transfer calls to a teacher’s classroom while classes are in session.

2. As the cost of postage is going up in the new year we will be sending most of our correspondence to parents by e-mail (if we have your e-mail address). Some information will still be going by Canada Post, but most will be coming by e-mail.

If you have any question about these changes, please feel free to contact Mr. Baxter at the school


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