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Icelandic students meet Fox Creek grade 7 students

Mrs Garbe’s LA/ Social Studies class were visited by the grade 9 exchange students from Iceland.   

The grade 7's have been writing pen-pal letters to the grade 6 class in Iceland and had some very good questions about culture, food, fashion and entertainment in Iceland for the grade 9 exchange students. 
Both students from Iceland and Fox Creek had a good time visiting today !

The plan is that the grade 7 students will continue to correspond with their pen-pals until they graduate into grade 10 or 11 when they will become a part of the exchange.

We will continue with pen-pals next year in Fox Creek  School with the grade 8 class, as well as, starting the new grade 7 class with pen-pals in the fall. 

This has been a wonderful and positive experience for our children this year!!!

Icelandic and Grade 7 Students


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