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Tom Higgins Presentation Tuesday, May 15th @ 2:00 pm

On Tuesday, May 15th, our Fox Creek Grade 7-12 students will have the pleasure of attending a presentation from a motivational speaker. Tom Higgins is a proven leader. Having successfully coached the Edmonton Eskimo Football Club and the Calgary Stampeder Football Club, he now is Head of Officiating for the CFL. Tom understands and articulates clearly what attitude and mental state it takes to affirm and ensure success. He always uses large amounts of humor and personal experiences to connect with the audience. Tom Higgins illustrates the art and science of :coming out on top: in work situations and in-home life. Tom is deeply committed to practicing this winning philosophy in both his personal life and practicing entrepreneurial thinking in everything he does. Tom Higgins is an expert on leadership, teamwork, evaluation and commitment. Tom delivers outstanding motivating keynote addresses every time he presents. Tom can easily combine or tailor one of his numerous topics- Success and Failure, Football Mirrors and Championship Thinking. For further information, please visit: 


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