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11 Fresh Scholarship Picks Just For You!

Scholartree weekly roundup!!


Voice Talent Online Scholarship Deadline Jan.30th, 2020

Mensa Canada Scholarship Deadline Jan.30th, 2020

EnergyRates.Ca Scholarship Deadline Jan.30th, 2020

The Terry Fox Humanitarian Awards Deadline Jan.31st, 2020

Kin Canada Bursaries Deadline Jan.31st, 2020

Diversity Scholarship Deadline Feb.4th, 2020

BigSun Athletics Scholarship Deadline June 18th, 2020

Fraser Institute Student Essay Contest Deadline May 31st, 2020

The Acadium $5,000 Scholarship Deadline Dec.31st, 2020

Stacey Levitt Memorial Award Deadline Feb.27th, 2020

Foundation Scholarships Deadline Feb.9th, 2020

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