At ScholarTree, we always look for various scholarships that apply to as many different types of students as possible. We have found that the more unique a scholarship criteria, the more likely a student is to apply and, more importantly, win that particular scholarship. We have made a concerted effort to add more unique scholarships in the last month. We have added over 20 brand-new scholarships in the last couple of weeks. 

Here are some scholarships that are exclusive to ScholarTree:


Scholarship season is fully underway. There are currently over 8 Million Dollars worth of scholarships open for applications on ScholarTree! This week alone, we have added 15 scholarships worth over $120,000.

Once students complete their profiles, they will be matched to all the awards they qualify for. However, many students miss that at the top left-hand corner of their scholarship list, they can filter scholarships by various categories: Program of Study, Ethnicity, Financial Need, etc. 

October Scholarships 


Here are two unique scholarships:

We know that in these uncertain economic times, more people are worried about finances than usual, so we wanted to create a short presentation about where students can find scholarships and provide tips to improve their scholarship applications. Access the presentation here: Scholarship Advice