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4W’s Diorama Day



Diorama Day is a day where you get your materials for your diorama and then make your own, you glue your pieces together. You can let your imagination run wild and it's super fun. We spent the whole day doing our dioramas. It definitely takes patience but in the end it's worth it, big time. We were doing ours about what we learned about in social and science this year. The teacher let us bring some props, She brought some too. There were mountains, sheep, cotton, and lots more. We learned a lot this year so we had a lot to choose from. We learned about plants, settlers, Alberta, Canada and way more. It was a lot of fun. We were doing a shoebox diorama so we were allowed to pick our shoebox, we have popsicle sticks with our name on them so we just picked from there. We got our props and shoebox the day before so we had more time. There are now a lot of dioramas in our display case and it could never look better.  It was so fun I wish we could do it again.


4 White’s class

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