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Pembina Pipeline Corporation has generously donated $25,000 to Fox Creek School in an effort to support the out-of-classroom educational experiences that Fox Creek School students have access to. Currently, school staff is planning the use of those funds to gain access to educational field trips supporting the courses delivered at our school.  While not possibly being able to cover all transportation costs, the school will be able to greatly reduce the amount that we must charge for transportation for a class trip. Instead of having fees cover the entire mileage portion of the trip, the school will be able to limit transportation costs that the parents must pay to the following:  $5.00 for trips under 200 km, $10 for trips between 200 and 600 km, and $15 for trips over 600 km. Each and every student in Fox Creek School will benefit from this donation because it will make field trips less cost restrictive for our students and families, therefore teachers will be less apprehensive to plan these trips.  Hats off to Kevin Radomske and Kia Pyrcz for advocating on the behalf of our school community to help us provide a quality education for all students.

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