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Local Mexican Lunch for the Grade 8 Class



Today, November 15, 2019, the grade 8 class of Fox Creek School went down to Ernie O’s for a traditional taste of Spanish and Mexican dishes.   Aldie, manager of Ernie O’s has graciously invited the grade 8 class every year to participate in this wonderful feast that they prepare for the class.  Students had Mexican soup, tacos, burritos, spicy pasta and churros. They were able to top things with guacamole, cheese, sour cream, salsa, green onions and tomatoes. Two parent supervisors came to help out.  Thank you to Mrs. Kelly and Mrs. Shepherd for volunteering their lunch hour to join us. 


“Trying different kinds of Mexican and Spanish food at Ernie O’s makes me want to go even more to either of these two countries.” Hope Johanson (Grade 8 student at Fox Creek School)


“I like how Ernie O’s is involved with our learning at school.  Providing this lunch helps us to learn about another culture’s food!” Lealund French (Grade 8 student at Fox Creek School)


A special thank you to Chef Randham and the staff at Ernie O’s for providing this excellent experience for the grade 8 class!


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