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Principal Message Sept. 4, 2020

Well it is Friday! We have had an amazing relaunch at Fox Creek School. Classes are in full swing from Kindergarten to Grade 12. I am so proud of our students, families and staff. The relaunch back into school went extremely well. As you all know from our Social Media and Website we have some additions to our building.


I just want to say thank you to everyone.  On March 13 we left our school not knowing what would happen just a mere two days later. On March 15 I asked my staff to step up and provide learning and supports for our students online. Each and everyone of them stepped up and did not miss a beat even though they were scared and ridden with anxiety. Our students with their help and guidance achieved great things. Every one of our grade 12 students completed their courses and obtained their diplomas. This is thanks to the hard work of Fox Creek School students, parents and staff. On Wednesday we welcomed our students back into our shared home. All of us have levels of anxiety and uncertainty, yet I know everyone showed up, both in mind and spirit, to make sure our students are safe and supported.


We have some changes to our school this year that we would like you to be aware of.

Ms. Gingras has joined us as our new Jr./Sr. High Social Studies teacher, Ms. Heyden is filling in for Jr./Sr. High English and Mr. Jaber is our new Jr./Sr. High Math teacher.  All three have become part of our Fox Creek family and are working hard to support their students. 


It is imperative that parents use the AHS Screening Protocol each day before students leave for school.  Parents are encouraged to email or call any staff member concerning your child.  You can make appointments to meet with specific staff members but appointments need to be made in advance.


The NGPS 2020-2021 COVID-19 Re-entry Handbook is available on our website and we encourage all parents to be familiar with the information contained within the handbook.


We are thrilled to see students again! We are all learning about the New Normal, and the kids have been so eager to embrace it. Classroom learning is well underway and it has been an outstanding start to our school year. Please enjoy the long weekend with your families.


Ian Baxter, Principal 

Fox Creek School

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