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Save the date for Virtual Career Fair!

What: Virtual Career Fair


Who: Grades 7-12 at participating schools


When: Wednesday April 28th 2021


The goal with this career fair is to make a career day where the sky's the limit. A career day that shows students to dream big without limitations. In addition to showcasing your average career paths I want to have the more unconventional choices. For example professional athletes, politicians, musicians, celebrities, and more. It will be a way to inspire students not to limit themselves in what careers are available to them. It will also show people that just because you come from a small school you don’t have to have small dreams. 


This event would take place over Zoom meets between the hours of 9:00am and 3:30pm in 30 minute time slots for each guest to speak about their career and answer any questions students may have.  


Stay tuned for specific log in information once the schedule is announced.

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