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Evacuation ALERTS and ORDERS during School Operations: Information for Parents and Guardians

Information for parents and guardians pertaining to Evacuation ALERTS and ORDERS during school operations.

At ANY TIME, parents are able to make the choice of whether it is in the best interest of their children to attend school at the moment or not.

> If there is an Evacuation ALERT in place that is changed to a 1-hour notice window, the school will begin calling parents/guardians to come and pick up their kids from their homeroom teacher.

> If an Evacuation ORDER is given while students are at school, parents/guardians should come to the school as soon as possible to pick up their children from their homeroom teacher. If students are not able to be picked up from the school, they will be transported to the prescribed evacuation report location.

Fox Creek School understands that everyone is unique and responds differently to various stressors. Some people need to get back to routine as soon as they can, others might not be ready to engage in learning. The school is open for those that are ready or for those parents that have to be back to work right away. In the current situation, just because the school is open right away, doesn't mean attendance is mandatory, especially if that is not the right decision for some.

We hope this helps alleviate some of the concerns students and parents are struggling with.

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